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Baja have really been making a stir in the world of hookah shisha's since coming to the market with their new lines of thoroughly well thought out and nicely put together shishas. Not only do they have a reputation of being as competitively priced as the cheapest Shisha Tobacco going, but they also come with a high quality product that gives many of the premium brands out there a run for their money.

We love the packaging, that Baja box with the sliding lid is quite beautiful and very collectible, and we also like what that box contains, which up until now has always been a top quality, good smoking shisha. The Baja cut is fine to medium, and very earthy in colour, with this particular one being more towards deep purple in colour. The smell is very rich and sweet, very much like grape soda or grape candies. The taste is indeed more of the same, much more towards a candy grape than actual fruit grape which works excellently well. The sweetness is not at all overwhelming, just the right level and more than anything else it is smooth, delicious and consistent throughout.

This shisha also lasts well, tastes fantastic throughout and produces those huge whit clouds that all hookah smokers desire with ease. We have so far been extremely impressed with Baja shishas that are fast becoming some of our favourite here. Try them out for yourselves, just pick a flavour and you will not be disappointed.


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