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Starbuzz Exotic Wild Mint shisha review

Starbuzz Exotic Wild Mint comes in a light green colour, very sticky and wet, with the tobacco coming in medium to large chunks. It also has a few stems in there but nothing to really spoil your enjoyment of it. Unlike most other mint flavoured hookah tobaccos like the Potion Speamint we have previously reviewed this is a very subtle mint fragrance. It is very delicate and refreshing and leaves your mouth watering in anticipation. The taste follows suit and is extremely crisp and actually quite sweet. Not harsh at all like other mint flavoured shishas tend to be, it doesn't blast through your head clearing your sinuses as it goes, it is subtle and fresh and refreshing, a very welcome change from most other mint flavoured shishas out there. It is a very enjoyable smoke, most people who tried it in our group liked the sweetness of it and thought the flavour was very authentic. Definitely one of the better mint flavoured shisha tobaccos out there. The smoke is nice and thick, effortless to produce and maintains a good level of flavour throughout. The shisha itself goes for quite a while as well lasting in excess of an hour and a half. All in all we really liked this shisha. Definitely one of the best mint flavoured hookah tobaccos currently on the market.

Starbuzz Exotic Raspberry Shisha review

This Starbuzz Exotic Raspberry comes in your typical Starbuzz cut, with the exception that this particular one has slightly bigger pieces than many of the others, making the cut closer to large than medium. It comes in a deep red colour and is dripping wet like most of the hookah tobaccos to come out of the Starbuzz line. The smell is very strong and sweet, extremely enticing and almost edible. The closest thing you can compare it to is a nice big jar or homemade raspberry jam. The taste of Exotic Raspberry is very rich and fruity, deliciously so and has another light almost floral flavour in there somewhere that works very well with the raspberry to lighten and soften it where it might become a little overwhelming. The smoke is thick and rich as we have come to expect from the Starbuzz line of shisha tobaccos and the staying power is also pretty good as well. The flavour does tend to soften after an hour or so but it doesn't fade completely and is still very tasty. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed this excellent shisha tobacco from Starbuzz. If you like your Raspberry, or your jams, then this is one you should add to your list. Great stuff.


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