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Al Fakher Watermelon shisha tobacco is a firm favourite among shisha smokers. It is a rich damp medium cut shisha tobacco with a sweet bubbalicious bubblegum flavour that fills the room as soon as you open up the tub. The flavour is very sweet, not overwhelmingly so but bear in mind that what you get with this shisha tobacco is a more candied watermelon flavour, much like the bubblegum aleady mentioned, rather than a more authentic fruit flavour. Nevertheless this is a wonderfully rich and sweet smoke that leaves your mouth watering and wanting more. Occasionally while smoking you get a hint of the watermelon rind which is an interesting addition that tends to add a new dimension to this excellent shisha tobacco. The smoke is very thick, white and fluffy, in keeping with the quality that we have come to expect from the Al Fakher brand of shisha tobacco. The tobacco is light and doesn't really provide much of a pronounced buzz, perhaps owing to the fact that the tobacco that makes it into this blend is washed and as a result lighter than some of the other unwashed brands on the market. This is definitely one to keep in stock all the time. For all you hookah smokers with a sweet tooth, this is essential smoking material, a great blend, providing great sweet candy smoke.


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