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Shisha tobacco, has a wet and sticky feel and a glazed look to it that comes from the honey, molasses and other sweeteners used in its manufacture. The following is a small list of all the most popular manufacturers of shisha tobacco. As this type of tobacco was originally created in Egypt, Egypt still remains the primary manufacturer of shisha tobacco blends. Abajûra, Al Amir, El-bâshâ, El-'Esfahâny, En-nakhla Hookafina, Ibyâry, Shîh 'el-beled and Zeglûl. All of these above list are Egyptian shisha manufacturers except for the case of Shîh 'el-beled which is made inTunisia.

In addition to all these there are of course the Bahraini molasses of which Bahraini Apple is probably the most popular, which are made in Turkey, as well as Al Nakhla and Bahraini Zeglul. Also there are Al Fakher molasses which are based in the United Arab Emirates, which have a reputation for being soften and more delicate in taste than the Egyptian molasses. In addition to all these manufacturers, recently there have been a number of western companies that have begun production of shisha due, no doubt, to its massive upsurge in popularity in the west.


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