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Hydro Shisha

Hydro Herbal Shisha

Hydro Herbal Shisha follows on in a recent trend for manufacturing top quality hookah smoking material that is completely natural and most importantly completely free of tobacco and nicotine. What started off as something of an alternative to hookah tobacco smoking has now become a rival product in its own right with swarms of loyal customers queuing up to get stocked up. The herbal shisha market is growing exponentially year on year and we can confidently state that what you get with Hydro Herbal Shisha is probably one of if not the best tobacco and nicotine free hookah smoking experiences there are to have anywhere. The quality of the flavour as well as the smoothness of the smoke is fantastic and the company only uses the very highest quality ingredients and molasses in their herbal shisha. Hydro Herbal Molasses is made in the United States using only the finest organic herbs and flavours. Their products typically come in 50 gram re-sealable pouches that are not only great value for money, but also premium product.

Hydro Herbal Molasses Hookah Tobacco

Hydro Herbal Molasses are fast becoming one most talked about Herbal Shisha manufacturers on the hookah tobacco market. Their products offer deliciously exotic smoking experiences for the non-tobacco smoker out there. Hydro Herbal Molasses boast a completely tobacco, nicotine and tar free hookah smoking experience while also offering an exceptional smoke that has received the nod of approval from many of the most hardened hookah smokers out there. Hydro Herbal Molasses create their products by blending the very finest organic herbs and flavours in order to ensure that the taste of your hookah smoking session is second to none. They also offer smaller 50 gram packets so that hookah smokers may sample their wares before committing to a weightier package, but as many customers have already stated, a simple taste was all that was needed to convince them of the quality of this product. The variety of flavours in this line is astonishing and the main selling point of the brand, apart from the affordability and health benefits of not including tobacco in their blends. The flavours currently available go as follows: Pineapple, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Lemon and Lime, Wild Berry, Sweet Rose, Spearmint, Mixed Fruit, Coffee, Peach, Grape, Double Apple, Melon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Orange and finally Mango.

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