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Al-Fakher Shisha

Al-Fakher Hookah Tobacco

Al Fakher Shisha Tobaccos are manufactured in the United Arab Emirates and are definitely one of the most popular brands of hookah tobacco today in the Middle-East. And with hookah being a way of live in that region you know that if they rate this hookah tobacco manufacturer then they must be onto a good thing. Al Fakher hookah tobacco uses middle-grade tobacco that has been selected for its long lasting smoke, as well as rich flavour throughout and also for the smoothness of the smoke. This brand is one of the best selling online as well and as a result you can be guaranteed a fresh supply each and every time you order due to the rapidity that this brand of hookah tobacco sells out. This is one for everybody, novice to expert, and is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face and your mouth full of flavour. Recently All Fakher added a new product to its line due to the demand from its loyal customers and came up with The Al Fakher 2, which is an amazingly rich “Double Apple” flavor which is partly inspires by the very famous and highly desirable Double Apple flavour from rival hookah tobacco manufacturer Nakhla. Al Fakher have also recently brought Al Fakher Golden to the market, which is a premium line of hookah tobacco using only the very best tobacco leaves and ingredients for those who want a touch of luxury in their hookah smoking sessions.

Golden Al-Fakher Hookah Tobacco

The Golden Seal Al-Fakher tobacco is a high quality mark of flavored tobacco which combines an organic combination of ingredients such as the finest honey and molasses, blended with only the best French tobacco leaves. Golden Al-Fakher Flavored Tobacco is made by the same company that gave us the ever-popular Al-Fakher line of flavored tobacco, as well as the excellent Al-Qemah brand. This is the first premium line of hookah tobacco to be released by the company that comes out under its own label of Al-Fakher. This tobacco blend is manufactured in the United Arab Emirates and is available both in smaller sample packages as well as larger 250 gram boxes. The flavours currently available in this excellent brand of flavoured hookah tobacco are as follows: Bahraini Apple, Eskandarani Apple, Black Grape, Rose and Strawberry. This is a great product to try, for experienced smokers and beginners alike.

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