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Nakhla Shisha

Nakhla Shisha is known all over the world, but especially in the middle-east as the very first hookah tobacco ever to be mass produced. This is why you will often hear and see the words “the original shisha” accompanying any products made by Nakhla. Nakhla Shisha Tobacco is produced in Egypt, where the very first hookah tobacco to feature the use of sweet flavourings centred around molasses was invented, and is comprised of long shreds of lower grade, unwashed tobacco. Nakhla Shisha remains a firm favourite in the Middle East but has also become extremely popular in the west due to the fact that there is a sense of authenticity that surrounds the brand who have been making hookah tobacco for the longest time of any other company, as well as a sense of history in the country that manufactures Nakhla Shisha also being the place where this type of tobacco was effectively invented. This is definitely one for the more seasoned smokers out there. The smoke is smooth but strong and the lower grade tobacco used creates a much denser smoke the synergises in a unique way with the molasses and the other flavourings.

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