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Hookah Tobacco Glossary

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A waterpipe used for smoking various material including tobacco and sweetened tobacco mixes. Also called nargileh, argileh, shisha and huqqa.


Originating in India, this is a term that sits somewhere in-between the traditional tobaccos that were often sweetened and the shisha blends of today with their fruit and molasses infusions. It is used to refer to both to a tobacco mixture blends fruits or aromatic oils and also tobacco that is only sweetened.


Sometimes written mu'essel. In Arabic this refers to something that is honeyed, in this context a tobacco mixture.

Naklia shisha

A particular brand of shisha tobacco manufactured in Turkey. It consists of a thick blend of tobaccos, different dried fruits and honey molasses.


Originally used to refer to the actual hookah pipe, now the term is used to refer to the various , often sweetened, tobacco blends available for use in the hookah pipe.


Originally from Latin. The toba is a shorter way of saying tobacco and mel stands for honey, so it is a sweetened tobacco, usually with honey or molasses


Tumbak is tobacco in Turkish.


Tumbako is tobacco in Urdu.


Tumbeki is the Persian word for tobacco.

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